Growth Plan

Growth Plan

You want to grow your business.

You’ve done well so far, focusing your organisation on meeting customer’s needs. But to grow revenue further you know you need to do something different.

But you are not a marketing expert.

New customers, new leads, different pricing structures, new products, new sales channels, new advertising, internet marketing…. Where to start? What to do!?

What would another 10% revenue do to your profitability?

What about 20%? 50%, 100%!? How much lost revenue and lost profit would a half-hearted marketing approach cost you?

Senior marketing expertise will help your business grow.

We will help you develop a “first steps” marketing plan and assist you to execute it. A good plan, well executed, will grow your business. Starting with a half-day session with your senior team, we will clarify the key drivers and barriers to growth in your business. We then output the results of the workshop, including our advice into a summary Growth Plan for your business or new product.

We apply the science and art of marketing to determine how to grow your business.