Accountants and Coke are the same.

Why real estate agents, accountants and Coca Cola are not that different…

When choosing a product or service, a consumer (of that product or service) will base their purchase decision on one of two decisions.

I prefer it.
It is easy.
Within each of these are a complex list of sub questions that our brain calculates at lightning speed, balancing trade-offs and conflicts. By way of example, you might have a favourite brand of peanut butter. When you run out, and go to the shop, if they don’t have your preferred brand, you will either buy an alternative (because it is easy), or go the extra effort to look for it elsewhere.

The goal of any organisation should obviously be the preferred option of their customers. Quality of service, brand investment, innovation etc etc… are all tools to create unsurpassed value in the eyes of customers.

But never underestimate the power of simply making it easy for a customer to choose you. In the 1930′s Coca Cola set their goal to be “within arm’s-length of desire”, recognising that when someone was thirsty, they will quench that thirst. If they found a Coke 20 minutes later, it was 20 minutes too late.

So like Coca Cola, if you are a real estate agent, accountant, or any kind of business… while you strive to be the preferred choice of your customer… never forget that often all is lost unless you are in front of your customer at their moment of need. Or more positively, you will win more business than you thought possible if you are ever-present to your target customers.

Out of sight, out of mind. And you are out of pocket.