Perfection is the enemy of action

Perfection is the enemy of action

Why sometimes ‘good enough’ is better than ‘best’.

Too often I come across business people who waste weeks or months trying to create a “perfect” marketing execution, while their terrible (or in some cases non-existent) executions remain in place.

Now don’t get me wrong… there are times when you do need to execute perfectly… when there can be zero room for errors… eg for safety or regulatory reasons, or you are committing to a very significant implementation spend. But many marketing activities don’t fall into that category.

Something is better than nothing. In the time it takes you to get from 85% to perfect… you will have lost the benefit from weeks or months of a new campaign (think of all those extra sales!!). And the true irony is that you are likely to learn new things as a result of your marketing initiative that will cause you to tweak what you are doing anyway… so you will very rarely get it 100% first time…

So unless you have to, don’t be perfect, be good enough. Perfect will come later…